Don’t be THAT person: Bag Edition

Roller boards, duffel bags, backpacks, purses, and every other bag you can think of is brought on the plane. Per FAA regulations all passengers are allowed 2 carry-on. One is your carry-on bag and the other is a personal item like a purse, laptop case, or briefcase. This is because you are meant to put … Continue reading Don’t be THAT person: Bag Edition

Carry-On Essentials: Short Haul Edition

A short haul flight is a flight with a flight time under three hours. There are 3 things I will always bring with me on these short flights. Snacks - Not all airlines provide complimentary snacks. If you are anything like me and are hungry all the time, I would pack a few snacks. I'm … Continue reading Carry-On Essentials: Short Haul Edition