Top 5 Favorite Travel Apps

If you’re like me and the majority of people in our society, I never leave home without my smart phone. These are my top 5 favorite apps that I always use for my travels.

  1. What’s App – I LOVE this app! It allows me to keep in touch with my WhatsApp Logofriends and family while I travel. It doesn’t matter if I am going domestic or internationally because the app can work on WiFi so I can always text and make calls.
  2. Flight Aware – This app is great wflight awarehen you are traveling because it keeps you up to date on the airports you are traveling through. It can tell you how long delays are averaging at certain airports and let you know your flight information such as departure and arrival gates.
  3. Yelp – I use this app all the time and I am a proud Elite Yelp Logomember for the 2nd year in a row. I like to check out new places and write reviews to help others make decisions through the app. You can use this app for discovering a new restaurant to finding tips about the hotel you’ll be citymapperstaying at for your vacation.
  4. Citymapper – This app is super helpful. It has helped me to navigate my way around large cities. If you can get the map and directions downloaded with WiFi you can still navigate through GPS.
  5. Mobile Passport – I love this app because it is really easy to use and saves me a lot of time when going through customs. Sometimes the Mobile Passport line is empty and will be faster than the Global Entry line. Did I also mention that the app is FREE!mobile-passport-control_1180x502-2

I highly recommend downloading these apps to your smartphone. They really come in handy when you travel.


3 Things To Help Overcome Homesickness While You Travel

When you travel as much as I do sometimes you can feel a little homesick. Here are a 3 things I do to help me feel at home:

  1. Photos – I like to bring at least one photo with me and have it at my bedside. Sometimes its of my nephew and sometimes its a family photo but no matter the photo it makes me feel closer to home.
  2. Snacks – Snacks from home always make me feel a little better while I’m traveling. It’s like bringing a small piece of home with you that won’t take up too much space when you want to bring souvienrs home.
  3. Room Spray/Defuser – I have a peppermint room spray and peppermint essential oil I use in my defuser while I’m home. I’ll bring my room spray or travel defuser with me so my hotel room can smell like home. It’s a little touch that makes me feel like I’m not so far away.

What are things you bring to make you feel closer to home when you’re traveling?

Yes, I Am A Flight Attendant, But Here Are Another 4 Things I Am Not

There are many stereotypes about flight attendants. Here are a few that I are untrue about me:

  1. Mother Nature – As hard as I try I can not control the weather. If there is a bad storm, high winds, or snow flights will get delayed or canceled. It is not safe to fly in those conditions and nothing I do as a flight attendant will change that. Just like you the flight crew will wait it out.
  2. Mind Reader – I wish I could read minds but I can’t. You need to use your words and speak up enough over the engines so I can help you. Starring blankly at me probably won’t do you much good as I don’t know what you want.
  3. Aircraft Mechanic – I don’t know the inner workings of an aircraft. If there is something wrong with the plane, trust me you want it to be fixed by a professional and not your flight attendant. If your flight is delayed due to a mechanical issue, don’t take your frustrations out on the flight crew. Let the mechanics do their job so you can have a safe flight on a proper working plane.
  4. Robot – I am not a robot. I cannot work without food and especially without sleep. If your crew times out (works over a certain amount of hours in a day) let them go crew. We understand your flight may get delayed waiting for another crew to arrive but trust me in this. You do not want a tired crew in the event your flight has an emergency. It is for the safety of all the passengers on the flight.

My 50 States Bucket List

Here’s my bucket list for the 50 states. There are so many things I want to do throughout the country but this is one activity I want to do in each state:

Alabama – Go to the Adult Space Academy
Alaska – See the Northern Lights
Arizona – Float the Grand Canyon
Arkansas – Dig for diamonds at the Crater of Diamonds State Park
California – Walk the Hollywood walk of fame
Colorado – Ski in Aspen
Connecticut – Tour Yale University
Delaware – Go to the Air Mobility Command Museum
Florida – Explore the Everglades on an air boat
Georgia – Go on a haunted pub crawl in Savannah
Hawaii – Go to a luau
Idaho – Soak in the hot springs
Illinois – Visit the Sky Deck in the Willis Tower
Indiana – See the Payton Manning statue
Iowa – See a movie at the Flix Brewhouse
Kansas – Check out the Evel Knievel Museum
Kentucky – Sample some bourbon at one of the famous distilleries
Louisiana – Party in the French Quarter
Maine – Enjoy some famous Maine lobster
Maryland – Go on the original Annapolis Seafood Crawl
Massachusetts – Watch the Red Sox at Fenway Park
Michigan – Go to the Michigan/Ohio State game at The Big House
Minnesota – Shop at the Mall of America
Mississippi – Take an airboat swap tour
Missouri – Visit the iconic Gateway Arch
Montana – Hike Glacier National Park
Nebraska – Attend a College World Series game
Nevada – Walk the Vegas strip
New Hampshire – Ride the Mt. Washington Cog Railway
New Jersey – Walk the boardwalk in Atlanta City
New Mexico – Attend the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
New York – Walk through Central Park
North Carolina – Tout the Biltmore Estate
North Dakota – Visit the International Peace Garden
Ohio – Watch LeBron James play at the Quicken Loans Arena
Oklahoma – Visit the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
Oregon – Sample some cheese at the Tillamook Cheese Factory
Pennsylvania – Run up the Rocky steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Rhode Island – Visit the International Tennis Hall of Fame
South Carolina – Tour Historic Charleston
South Dakota – Visit Mount Rushmore
Tennessee – See the Grand Ole Opry
Texas – Tour AT&T Stadium and catch a Dallas Cowboys game
Utah – Drive through the Salt Flats
Vermont – Tour the Ben & Jerry’s Factory
Virginia – Visit Colonial Williamsburg
Washington – Catch a fish at Pike’s Place
West Virginia – Tour the Seneca Caverns
Wisconsin – Visit the Harley Davidson Museum
Wyoming – Go skiing in Jackson Hole

What’s on your 50 States Bucket List?

Crazy Stories: Bus Or Plane?

I know not everyone flies all the time but there are some passengers who make me scratch my head every once in a while.

*Passenger moves from main cabin to open first class seat*
Flight Attendant: I’m sorry ma’am but you can’t sit there. You need to return to your assigned seat.
Passenger: But this seat is open. Why can’t I sit here?
Flight Attendant: These seats cost more and you can’t just sit here because it’s open.
Passenger: But no one is sitting here. Can’t I just sit here since it’s open.
Flight Attendant: No. You need to take your assigned seat.
*Passenger doesn’t move so FA gets captain*
Captain: Hi ma’am! Where are you going today?
Passenger: Miami
Captain: Oh I’m sorry. The seats up front are going to Orlando. The seats in the back are going to Miami.
Passenger: Oh! I need to get to Miami!
*Passenger gets belongings and returns to seat in main cabin*

I thought this was just an isolated event that doesn’t happen very often but a few months later I have this conversation with a different passenger…

*During the boarding process*
Excuse me Miss.
Flight Attendant
: Yes.
Passenger: Are the seats back here going to Fort Lauderdale?
Flight Attendant: Yes. ALL the seats on this flight are going to Fort Lauderdale.

Yes, I Am A Flight Attendant, But Here Are 5 Things I Am Not

There are many stereotypes about flight attendants. Here are a few that I are untrue about me:

  1. A Glorified Waitress – No I am not your waitress/bartender at 35,000 feet. My main job is to get you safely from point A to point B. The Diet Cokes and pretzels are extra. I am on this plane to help you if there is an emergency.img_8184
  2. Baggage Handler – Helping you with your overweight bag is not part of my job. You may think it is just one bag but should something happen to me while putting your bag up I will not be able to work. That means I may not be able to pay my bills. If you can’t lift your bag then I will be more than happy to check it for you.
  3. Babysitter/Nanny – If you would like someone else to watch your child while you travel then bring a nanny with you. I am not responsible for feeding your child, entertaining them, or keeping them out of trouble.
  4. Therapist – Yes we may be stuck in a metal tube for an extended amount of time but I’m not your bartender who will listen to all of your troubles nor your therapist. I’ll ask you how your day is going or where you may be heading but I can’t solve your life problems.
  5. Travel Guide – Yes I travel a lot for a living but that doesn’t mean I have been everywhere. I can’t tell you all the great hot spots and activities. I may have never been to that city and Google probably makes a better travel guide than I do.


Crazy Stories: Cold Sandwich

I always get asked about crazies stories I have experienced and this one might have to be the craziest so far. Here’s how it goes…..

*I’m walking down the aisle*
Passenger 1: Ma’am! Ma’am!
Me: Yes?
Passenger 1: *Frantically pointing at the gentleman across the aisle*
Passenger 2: *Holding a lighter under a foil wrapped sandwich*
Me: Sir, what are you doing?!
Passenger 2: Heating up my sandwich.
Me: I’m going to need to take that. *Puts hand out to take lighter*
Passenger 2: *Puzzled look*
Me: Sir please give me the lighter.
Passenger 2: * Hands over the lighter* But I don’t want to eat a cold sandwich.
Me: Do I need to explain to you why you cannot have an open flame on an airplane?
Passenger 2: *Thinking about saying yes but doesn’t want to say anything*
Me: You can get this (lighter) back when we land.

I don’t know why this guy thought it was a good idea to try and heat up a sandwich mid-flight but he is the only person so far that has tried. And before you ask, yes you can bring a lighter onboard an aircraft. It just needs to fit very specific qualifications by the FAA.

Don’t be THAT person: Clothes Edition 

The aisle on the plane is not a runway but by the way some people dress you wouldn’t know the difference. The best thing to do is dress in layers. Most airports and planes tend to be on the colder side so with layers you can add and take off layers as need.

I have seen a girl wearing sweatpants and a Calvin Klein sports bra as her “top”. I have seen a lady in just a bikini at the check in counter. Both of these would not be appropriate travel attire in my opinion. Think of a nice restaurant when traveling. No shirt, no shoes, no service.

Flying was once a classy affair. Now people take no pride in what their wear in public. Most people won’t care what you wear at home but when I’m getting my coffee or traveling I would rather not see your boobs hanging out all over the place.

Don’t be THAT person…

Crazy Stories: Passenger Or Pilot?

Weather is something that no matter how hard we try, we cannot control. We were flying to New York City but there were high winds that made it impossible to land safely at LaGuardia. We were in a holding pattern (pretty much flying in circles) over Raleigh, North Carolina. Of course planes aren’t magic and there is only a limited amount of fuel on board. We reached that point where we had to land so the Captain comes over the PA to make an announcement.

15894950_653753908163099_6911711179209409962_nCaptain: Ladies and Gentlemen we will be landing in Raleigh/Durham airport shortly. Due to the high winds we have been circling and are now low on fuel. Once we land, we fill refuel and then be back on our way to New York.
*Passenger in 3C rings his call light*
Passenger: Miss!
Me: Yes?
Passenger: Why are landing in Raleigh?! I need to get to New York!
Me: As the captain has just stated, we are going to be refueling and then be back in our way.
Passenger: But why?!
Me: Sir, at this point we have two options. One. We can continue to circle because it’s not safe to land in New York, run out of fuel, and fall out of the sky. Or two. Land safely in Raleigh, refuel, and then be back on our merry way.
Passenger: Oh! We can land in Raleigh!
Me: Okay, I’ll let the Captain know you said it’s okay for us to land in Raleigh.
*Passenger goes back to doing whatever we has doing*

We land safely in Raleigh and few passengers decide to get off and stay there instead. Ground staff refuels the plane and we get back on our way to LGA. The winds died down enough for the tower to give us the okay to land. There were still some winds so it was a bit of a bumpy landing but we made it there safely.

Oh Baby: Traveling With An Infant

I’m at that age where many of my friends are settling down and having kids. Lately these friends have been asking me what they should do when traveling with their little one. Here are a few tips to help lessen the stress of traveling with your bundle of joy.

  1. Check with your airlines to be sure no additional steps are required. Whether it is checking a car seat, stroller, or having the right documentation for a lap child. You don’t want to show up at the airport and be surprised that you are missing important documentation or haven’t allowed enough time for the additional process.
  2. It is a hit or miss game when traveling with your little one for the first time. You just never know how your baby will react. One flight they may be the perfect angel and the next flight they’ll be screaming the entire flight for reasons unknown. Just know that babies cry sometimes, it’s what they do. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you are a bad parent just because your child is crying. Do your best to sooth your child. As long as your are trying it shows you are making some sort of effort and that is appreciated (at least my this particular passenger).
  3. Be prepared. Make sure you have enough diapers as most airlines/airports may not carry any. Have snacks, milk, toys, and a blanket for the flight. It is not the responsibility of the airline to feed and care for your child.
  4. Be aware of what’s going on around you. If the plane is boarding, don’t stand in the aisle with your baby. When you slow up the boarding process it delays the departure of the flight. You also do not want to get in the way of the flight attendants. The aisle is their work space and they will be going up and down the aisle for their meal/beverage services and answering call lights.
  5. The flight attendants are NOT your hired nanny. Their job is to get you and your family safely from point A to point B. It is not their job to watch your child for the entirety of the flight. They can assist you but when you try to pawn your child off to them, they can no longer do their job effectively. Also in the unlikely event of an emergency the plane will be short one flight attendant as now their responsibility is YOUR child and not the safety of the rest of the passengers on the flight.

Traveling with a child is not the easiest task. Hope these 5 tips will help you on your next trip with your little one.