Tokyo, Japan: Disney Sea

So far Disney Sea might be my favorite Disneyland Park. I just love how different things are from the original Disneyland. I also like the access to alcohol in the park (just like at California Adventure in Anaheim). This year was the 15th Year Celebration of the park and the theme was the year of wishes. This visit I rode a few rides and tried a few of the snacks. Didn’t have the chance to catch a show but I’m more of a rides and food kind of girl anyway.


Ukiwah Bun

I tried a bunch of different snacks while at Disney Sea. This included a Chandu’s Tail, Hot Rose, Baked Potato, Ukiwah Bun, Nuts, Popcorn, and Ice Cream. My favorite treat would have to be the Chandu’s Tail. It is a creamed chicked and corn filled bun in a tiger tail shape. The filling reminds me a little of a chicken pot pie and is the perfect snack size between meals. I could probably eat three of them as a meal but that’s just me. The hot rose is just as it sounds. Rose wine that is warmed up with a slice of strawberry and pear. The baked potato wasn’t like the american baked potato that comes to mind. It was more like potato wedges with toppings. The Ukiwah bun was really good too. It is a shrimp filled bun and is also the perfect snack size. The nuts and ice cream were like any other I’ve had before. As for the popcorn, I only tried the white chocolate. I may have to make another trip back to try the rest of the flavors.


img_6136The rides I was able to fit into my time at Disney Sea were the Tower of Terror, Journey to the Middle of the Earth, Aquatopia, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Indiana Jones, Jasmine’s Flying Carpets, and Raging Spirits. Raging Spirits was my favorite ride. The loop was the best part of the ride. It’s a short little rollercoaster but so worth the wait to me. If you are able to get a Fast Pass that would help in fitting more rides into the park. The Tower of Terror is the same ride concept as the one stateside but the story line is different. I couldn’t really tell if the ride was scarier or not because I couldn’t understand what was going on but it was fun either way.

There is a popular character I found at Disney Sea…. Duffy The Bear! He is so cute. The story is Mickey was about to leave for a long adventure and Minnie made him a teddy bear, Mickey called him Duffy. He is suppose to bring happiness and luck. You can usually find him in his sailor outfit.

Overall Disney Sea was blast! I can’t wait to go back again and I highly recommend going to the park if you are in the area.



My Highlights Of 2016

2016 was a good year filled with a lot of traveling.

It started out when I found myself back in Dublin again. The last time I was in Ireland was 12 years ago. This time I got to have some fun and check out the Jameson Distillery since this time around I was of age.

Took a cruise to the Cayman Islands and Mexico. It was my first cruise ever and I had so much fun! There will definitely be more cruises in my future. Can’t wait to see what exciting destinations I can go to and to share them with you.

IMG_9507 1I was able to attend my first Yankee Game. It is on my bucket list to attend a game at each of the MLB parks so this was another on off my list.

IMG_0566For my birthday this year, I went to Thailand. This was the biggest highlight of my year. Between going to a new country, playing with elephants, and petting tigers I had the time of my life!

I also made a trip back to Amsterdam I this year and did the Heineken Experience. It really is an experience that everyone should do when visiting Amsterdam.

Made my way to Tel Aviv in the summer. Spent the day exploring Jerusalem and had a chance to float on the Dead Sea.

I have been to Barcelona and Madrid in Spain but this year I got to check off Malaga, Spain. Malaga might be my new favorite Spanish city and I hope I can go back again in the future.

img_4060Finally made a trip back to Universal Studios Hollywood. It was nice seeing all the changes made since the last time I had a chance to visit. I was also ecstatic to finally visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I am so blessed to have my job as a flight attendant because I was able to attend 5 weddings in 5 months in 5 different states! I was all wedding out by the end of the year but my heart was full knowing I was able to be there for my friends and family on their special day.

img_6136I ended the year with a trip to Japan! I was finally able to go to Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea. This gets me one location closer to having been to all the Disney locations around the world. I also did a food tour around Asakusa which not only made my heart happy but my stomach as well.

I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for me!

Chiang Mai, Thailand: Tiger Kingdom

A tiger is not the animal at the top of my list when it comes to answering the question, “What animal would you like to interact with?” While traveling in Thailand with a friend, the opportunity to do just that, interact with a tiger, came up. I may not have done a lot of research about it but lucky for me I was with the queen of research and Q&A, my bestie Alana!

IMG_0822A lot of people believe these tigers are just there as a tourist attraction and are drugged 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I can assure you these tigers are NOT drugged. These animals would not have interacted with each other the way they did or have as much energy as they did if they were drugged. These tigers were very reminiscent of domesticated house cats that were playing with each other, except they weren’t small house cats. Both Alana and I were very adamant about going to a location that did not drug their tigers even if that meant only observing them and not being given the opportunity to physically interact with them.

Tiger Kingdom is a facility that is regulated by the government. Should a tiger be born, it must be reported. If a tiger dies, it must be reported. The government also conducts check ups at least every three months to ensure every tiger is accounted for and in good health. We were even able to witness the facility’s care first hand while we were there. Towards the back in one of the enclosures they was a tiger being observed by employees and seemed to be isolated from others. Upon talking to the employees, the people interacting and observing the tiger were veterinarians and handlers. This tiger was constipated and they were making sure nothing was wrong. Instead of using sedation or anything that could be harmful they used ethical techniques and the trained veterinarians administered the medicine in the cat’s rectum. While we were there they were playing the waiting game to see when the constipation would pass. Had this place been just another tourist trap, they would have just sedated the tiger and done what they needed to to get this tiger back in front of the cameras.

TIMG_0724hese large jungle cats also do not appear to be abused as some people claim. They are trained with vocal queues to keep those visitors sharing their environment safe. The trainers also have bamboo sticks that they use as a distraction.
The reason why these facilities are open and are important for these tigers are because tigers don’t roam around freely in Thailand. They are hunted by poachers and with Thailand’s urban population expanding at a rapid rate and there is not enough free untouched wild environment left for tigers to live freely. If these tigers were roaming free and found itself in a civilian environment it would most likely be killed to protect us humans.

This was definitely an experience I will always remember!