Dallas, Texas: Top Golf


I love the concept of Top Golf! It’s like golf meets video game.

I recently went to the Dallas venue during the day but was told it can be a lot of fun at night as well. I like that this venue can be used not only is this a social but as practice to improve your golf game. The atmosphere is great with the music and the employees are all very helpful.

During our game we treated ourselves to the Melon Mulligan fishbowl, Pineapple Express fishbowl, and Signature Nachos with Chicken. The fishbowls come with a souvenir light up plastic glass shaped like a golf bag. I love that the glass lights up when you pick it up and the lights extinguish when you place it back on the table. The nachos were great! It was the perfect snack to keep us going during our two hours at the venue.

There are different games you can play with your friends at Top Golf. In the signature ‘Top Golf’ game the object is to hit the microchiped golf balls into any target and earn the most points. The farther the distance and the more accurate the hit, the more points you earn. The person with the most points wins! ‘Top Chip’ is for those of you who love the short game. You try to chip the ball into the three closest targets which is delegated to you by the game. Make the target and you earn positive points, hit the wrong target and you earn negative points. ‘Top Shot’ is similar to Top Chip but includes a fourth distance target you must hit during the game.

Top Golf was a blast and I can’t wait to go again!


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