Tokyo, Japan: Disney Sea

So far Disney Sea might be my favorite Disneyland Park. I just love how different things are from the original Disneyland. I also like the access to alcohol in the park (just like at California Adventure in Anaheim). This year was the 15th Year Celebration of the park and the theme was the year of wishes. This visit I rode a few rides and tried a few of the snacks. Didn’t have the chance to catch a show but I’m more of a rides and food kind of girl anyway.


Ukiwah Bun

I tried a bunch of different snacks while at Disney Sea. This included a Chandu’s Tail, Hot Rose, Baked Potato, Ukiwah Bun, Nuts, Popcorn, and Ice Cream. My favorite treat would have to be the Chandu’s Tail. It is a creamed chicked and corn filled bun in a tiger tail shape. The filling reminds me a little of a chicken pot pie and is the perfect snack size between meals. I could probably eat three of them as a meal but that’s just me. The hot rose is just as it sounds. Rose wine that is warmed up with a slice of strawberry and pear. The baked potato wasn’t like the american baked potato that comes to mind. It was more like potato wedges with toppings. The Ukiwah bun was really good too. It is a shrimp filled bun and is also the perfect snack size. The nuts and ice cream were like any other I’ve had before. As for the popcorn, I only tried the white chocolate. I may have to make another trip back to try the rest of the flavors.


img_6136The rides I was able to fit into my time at Disney Sea were the Tower of Terror, Journey to the Middle of the Earth, Aquatopia, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Indiana Jones, Jasmine’s Flying Carpets, and Raging Spirits. Raging Spirits was my favorite ride. The loop was the best part of the ride. It’s a short little rollercoaster but so worth the wait to me. If you are able to get a Fast Pass that would help in fitting more rides into the park. The Tower of Terror is the same ride concept as the one stateside but the story line is different. I couldn’t really tell if the ride was scarier or not because I couldn’t understand what was going on but it was fun either way.

There is a popular character I found at Disney Sea…. Duffy The Bear! He is so cute. The story is Mickey was about to leave for a long adventure and Minnie made him a teddy bear, Mickey called him Duffy. He is suppose to bring happiness and luck. You can usually find him in his sailor outfit.

Overall Disney Sea was blast! I can’t wait to go back again and I highly recommend going to the park if you are in the area.


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