Dear Pax: Inappropriate Conversation

Dear Passenger in 18B,

Well hey there sir! Guess what? Are you attempting to make a scene because you are causing a little one. I’m sure the entire plane can hear you asking the poor passenger in front of you if they think framing someone for a crime they didn’t commit is a bad thing. I can tell the other passenger rather not get into this conversation with you but is being a nice guy and at least answering your question. I also know the volume of your voice is not that loud most of the time as I heard you talking to one of the flight attendants when you boarded and couldn’t make out what you were saying. I also couldn’t tell what your conversation was with the gate agent. Why is that now all of a sudden you need to yell to ask this inappropriate question.

Not to get to what I’m sure we’re all thinking. Why are you bringing this up to a total stranger on an airplane? Were you framed for a crime you supposedly did not commit? If so, why would you want the entire plane knowing this information. I am starting to feel a little uneasy with you sitting directly across the aisle from me. Should I be worried you’re on this flight? I’m glad the other passenger agreed with you because I don’t even want to imagine what you might do if he disagreed.

Oh look, now you’re asking the flight attendant the same question. I can see in her forced smile that she would just like to do her beverage service and not have to answer this question which seemingly came out of no where. I just want my coffee on this morning flight and to get to our destination in peace. I really hope you don’t ask me next.

As another passenger on the same flight as you, maybe next time just keep your random questions to yourself. If you really must ask someone a question, just don’t yell it.

Yours Truly,
A Now Worried Passenger

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