Dear Pax: Entertainment 

Dear Passenger in 11A,

Yes we can hear you complaining. I’m sure they can even hear you 5 rows back. The entire plane can hear how upset your are that there are “no TVs”. The more you complain isn’t going to change the fact there are no entertainment systems. The flight attendant will not run to Best Buy and get you a tablet if you keep complaining. Everyone heard you the first time. I’m pretty sure we heard you the other ten times as well.

This is a smaller aircraft and like most small aircrafts there are no entertainment systems. There was even a time not too long ago when all planes didn’t have personal entertainment systems. There was a time when you couldn’t pick which movie you wanted to watch. You were stuck watching whatever movie the plane was playing or nothing at all.

In today’s day and age practically everyone has some sort of electronic device and I’m pretty sure you can watch movies on your tablet, smart phone, or laptop.

So please stop whining like a 5 year old that there are no TVs. Read the magazine that is in the seat back pocket. Act like a millennial and play on your cell phone for 2 hours. Maybe take a nap. Just please stop complaining. We heard you the first dozen times.

Your’s Truly,
An Annoyed Passenger

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