Travel Smart: Going From Point A To Point B

When booking a flight sometimes a direct route is not an option or going through another city is cheaper. If you are making connections be aware of the time you have between flights and what airport you will be traveling through.

It’s good to have enough time to get from one flight to another. I recommend having at least an hour (if not more) between flights. This gives you a contingency in the event a small delay happens. It will also save you from having to sprint from gate to gate in an attempt to make your next flight.

Think about the airports you are traveling through. Some airports are easier to navigate than others. You may want to research the airport where you will make your connection. Some have a train to get you between terminals and others you may need to go for it on foot. Larger hub cities will have larger airports. If you are switching between airline carriers you may also need to go another terminal which can also take time.

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