My 15 Favorite Travel Movies

There are a few movies that will give me the travel bug every time I watch them. By the end of the movie I’m wanting to pack my bags and be on my way to the airport. Here are my favorite movies that make me want to travel:

  1. Catch Me If You Can – A movie about travel AND has Leo…. Of course it has to make my list. I also like that it’s based on a true story.
  2. Up – I wish I could travel the world with my pup.
  3. Eat Pray Love – I feel like this is almost a given.
  4. Airplane – This movie always makes me laugh (even more now that I’m a flight attendant)
  5. Eurotrip – This makes me want to backpack around Europe with my friends because Scotty doesn’t know.
  6. The Bucket List – This movie made me start my own bucket list
  7. Love Actually – One of my favorite holiday movies
  8. The Holiday – Another holiday movie on my favorites list
  9. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – I love sharing travel stories with my friends
  10. Moana – This movie reminds me of home.
  11. Spy – It is an action movie but it makes me want to travel around Europe.
  12. Harry Potter – I want to fly to England and see if I can find the real Diagon Alley, walk through platform 9 3/4, and hopefully find Hogwarts castle.
  13. The Hangover – This movies makes me want to pack my bag and jump on a plane to go party with my friends.
  14. Lost In Translation – Because I love making friends when I travel.
  15. The Chipmunk Adventure – This was one of my favorite movies as a kid. It made me want to race around the world in a hot air balloon.

What movies make you want to travel?

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