Yes, I Am A Flight Attendant, But Here Are Another 4 Things I Am Not

There are many stereotypes about flight attendants. Here are a few that I are untrue about me:

  1. Mother Nature – As hard as I try I can not control the weather. If there is a bad storm, high winds, or snow flights will get delayed or canceled. It is not safe to fly in those conditions and nothing I do as a flight attendant will change that. Just like you the flight crew will wait it out.
  2. Mind Reader – I wish I could read minds but I can’t. You need to use your words and speak up enough over the engines so I can help you. Starring blankly at me probably won’t do you much good as I don’t know what you want.
  3. Aircraft Mechanic – I don’t know the inner workings of an aircraft. If there is something wrong with the plane, trust me you want it to be fixed by a professional and not your flight attendant. If your flight is delayed due to a mechanical issue, don’t take your frustrations out on the flight crew. Let the mechanics do their job so you can have a safe flight on a proper working plane.
  4. Robot – I am not a robot. I cannot work without food and especially without sleep. If your crew times out (works over a certain amount of hours in a day) let them go crew. We understand your flight may get delayed waiting for another crew to arrive but trust me in this. You do not want a tired crew in the event your flight has an emergency. It is for the safety of all the passengers on the flight.

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