This Flight Attendant’s Top 5 Passenger Pet Peeves

Everyone has their pet peeves. These are my top 5 passenger pet peeves do on my flights.

  1. Not using your words – I cannot read your mind. If you need something from your flight attendant please use your words. Verbally telling me what you want will highly increase your chances of me being able to help you out. Also please do not poke your flight attendants. Using your words is a much better way of getting your flight attendant’s attention.
  2. No manners – PLEASE and THANK YOU go a long way. You would be surprised how many people say please or thank you on a single flight (I can usually count them on a single hand).
  3. Not allowing enough time for connections – I am not the person who books your flights so please do not get upset with me when you don’t have enough time between flights. I am also not mother nature or an airplane mechanic so I am not the one causing delays.
  4. No common courtesy – You are not the only passenger on the plane (unless it’s a private jet). We do not have all day to wait for you to notice us in the aisle during service and then wait for you to remove your headphones so you can hear us.
  5. Misdirected frustration – We know delays can be frustrating but as flight attendants we do not control the weather and are not airline mechanics. We cannot make the rain stop and cannot fix the aircraft if something is broken.

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