Anaheim, California: Disneyland (My 3 Must Dos)

Disneyland also known as The Happiest Place On Earth! I have IMG_6005been going to this amusement park every since I was a little kid and still look for the opportunity to go as an adult. They park is always changing to keep up with the new movies that come out throughout the years.

There are a three things that I must do every time I am at the park. First things first, I MUST wear my Minnie ear! It’s just not a trip to Disneyland if I don’t have my ears. Whether it is store bought or custom made bring a pair of ears and your Disney outfit will always look complete.

Second, I must is having a Mickey ice cream bar! Okay any Disney IMG_6108treat could work too like a Mickey pretzel or Mickey waffle but I really do recommend the Mickey bar. Especially on a hot day in Anaheim an ice cream bar will really do the trick in cooling you off before you can hit up Splash Mountain.

Last but not least I must find at least one character or princess to take a photo with while at the park. It could be Cinderella, Pluto,  Jasmine, or even Mickey Mouse himself. Sometimes the characters wonder the park and then there are attractions where you can find certain characters. There are also options where you can have a dining experience with the characters.

Those are my three must dos when I go to Disneyland! I now challenge you to find your must dos!

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