Grindavík, Iceland: Blue Lagoon

Going to the Blue Lagoon may have been one of the “coolest” crew bonding moments I’ve had. The lagoon really is blue and is such a relaxing place to be. It is a geothermal spa and is one of the most popular attractions in Iceland.

IMG_3658At the lagoon you are given a handy dandy bracelet. This bracelet allows you to make purchases (like yummy cocktails) while enjoying your time at the lagoon. You will be able to settle your tab you have accumulated before you leave.

It is a must that you shower before entering the water. It is not only for your hygiene but the hygiene of your fellow visitors. It is also important that you slather your hair in conditioner to help save it from the effects of the minerals in the spa water. If you do not put enough conditioner in your hair and it gets wet, it will dry out your hair.  My hair wasn’t severely damaged but it did have a weird texture for a fews days after leaving the Blue Lagoon. I should have put a bit more conditioner, so learn from my tiny mistake.

There are areas located around the lagoon with silica clay that can be used for a DIY facial. You’ll want to apply it all over your face and allow it to dry (about 10-15 mins). Once it is dry you will want to rinse it off. I would splash the water and rub it off because dipping my entire face into the water didn’t seem too appealing. My face felt smooth and tight like I had just used one of those $100 masks except this mask didn’t come from a jar.

I had an absolutely blast and will definitely make a trip back in the future!

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