Three Easy Travel Fitness Tips

IMG_6636When you travel as much as I do, sometimes going to the gym on a regular basis can be a bit difficult. Also some hotels may not have an adequate workout space or I arrive at a time where the operating hours have ended for the day. Here are three easy ways to add some exercise to your daily routine.

  1. Exercise while you brush your teeth – Most people brush their teeth at least twice a day. While brushing your teeth do an easy movement like a squat or a leg lift. Adding this little exercise to your daily routine may not help to make you look like a supermodel but every bit does help.
  2. Take the stairs – The elevator is an easy and convenient way to travel between floors but if you have the time taking the stairs will help you get those great legs and buns of steel. Even if it’s just a flight of stairs, it’s a few more steps you would have taken rather than standing in an elevator.
  3. Work out during commercials – We all have our guilty pleasures and sometimes that involves television shows. If this is you, get a workout in too! Every time a commercial break comes on start doing some mountain climbers and stop when your show resumes.

You can also switch it up with each commercial break. Do mountain climbers for one and the next do push ups. Throw in some jumping jacks, planks or sit ups and you’ll be set.

These three simple fitness tips will help you to stay active while jetting around the world.

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