Travel Smart: 5 Things To Pack For Your Flight

I travel for a living and even sometimes I forget something that has me shaking my head. Whether I am traveling for work or for fun I will not leave home without these 5 things.

  1. Chargers – In our society it is hard to stay disconnected from our electronics for too long so I make it a point to always pack the chargers for all of my electronic essentials (cell phone, laptop, tablet, GoPro). Not all aircrafts will have chargers but it is usually pretty easy to find an outlet in the airport.I also like to travel with my Mophie charger. It comes in handy when I am ending a long travel day and my cell phone is running on low. It helps me to give my phone some extra juice when I have to make a call or text when I land.
  2. Entertainment – It is always important to have some sort of entertainment with you when traveling. Even if it’s only a short flight you never know when mother nature will have other plans and keep you at an airport longer than you anticipated. I like to keep with me a book, my tablet, and a coloring book with pens or colored pencils.
  3. Important Documents – This is a biggie! You will always want to make sure you have your ID and/or passport with you before head out the door of your house or hotel room. You will not make it past airport security without proper identification. It is also handy to have your itinerary either printed or saved on your phone to make the check in process easier.
  4. Water Bottle – You will not be able to bring a full water bottle through security but if you bring an empty one you can always fill it at a water fountain or have a lovely flight attendant fill it for you. It is a good idea to stay hydrated on your flight and I never leave without my hydroflask. It keeps my water cold for hours and I feel better about using one less plastic water bottle.
  5. Extra Set of Clothes – Sometimes unexpected delays occur (usually mechanical or weather related) which may lead to you spending more time at the airport than anticipated. I like to bring an extra set of clothes in the event I want to change or just get tired of what I’m currently wearing.

These are my 5 never leave home without travel items.


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