Zurich, Switzerland: Bauschanzli

IMG_1841I was recently in Switzerland and went out for a little lunch in Zurich. I came across a restaurant and beer garden called Bauschanzli. It is located on what looks like a little island on the river.

I shared the lime and herb risotto with courgette-cream cheese rolls and beetroot crisps with my crew mate as well as the perch in crisp beer batter with boiled potatoes and tartare sauce since we both couldn’t decide between the two on which one we wanted. Both were absolutely delicious and I would definitely eat here again when I’m in Zurich. You also can’t forget to wash everything down with a Hürlimann beer.

IMG_1854The weather was nice until about the last 10-15 minutes we were there. It started to rain a bit but up until then it was really nice to sit along the river and enjoy our meal. At the time the world cup was also going on and the beer garden had the games playing so fans wouldn’t miss a match.

The next time you find yourself in Zurich definitely check out Bauschanzli!

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