Haleiwa, Hawaii: Storto’s Sub Shop

Storto’s Sub Shop is one of my all time favorite lunch spots in Hawaii. I always try to make a trip out to Haleiwa just to get a sub while I’m home. When I’m there I have to get a Haleiwa which is pepperoni, salami, and bologna. I also add lettuce, avocado, cheddar, and papaya seed dressing. It is all about the papaya seed dressing. I think it’s the best sauce for a sub but you’ll just have to try it for yourself. With all of that you can’t forget the Hawaiian Sun juice to wash it all down.


Every day there is a different special you can get:
Sunday: CHUNS – Turkey, Salami, Bologna
Monday: HALE’IWA – Pepperoni, Salami, Bologna
Tuesday: PIPELINE – Ham, Pepperoni, Bologna
Wednesday: WAIMEA – Ham, Turkey, Salami
Thursday: ROCKY POINT – Roast Beef, Pastrami, Ham
Friday: SUNSET – Roast Beef, Ham, Turkey
Saturday: LANIAKEA – Ham, Salami, Bologna

Storto’s is open daily from 10am-6pm and is cash only.  Don’t forget to stop by the next time you head to the North side of Oahu!

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