Carry-On Essentials: Medium Haul Edition

There are many different items to remember when packing for a trip. Depending on the length of my flight there are certain must haves I have to have. For a medium haul flight there are FOUR items I need. A medium haul flight is a flight with a flight time between three to six hours.

  1. Snacks – Not all airlines provide complimentary snacks. If you are anything like me and are hungry all the time, I would pack a few snacks. On some medium haul flights there will be food or snacks for purchase but if you are trying to stay on a budget I would pack some in your carry-on. It is also a good idea to pack your own snacks if you are trying to eat healthy or have any special meal restrictions.
  2. Neck Pillow – I am that person who likes to take the window seat and then just sleep for most of the flight. I like it when I board the plane and then I wake up just as we are starting our decent and the pilot says we have about 20 minutes left of flight time. This is when the neck pillow comes in handy. It makes it more comfortable for me to lean up against the side of the plane. If I am in a middle or aisle seat my neck pillow will usually help me not to fall asleep on my neighbor.
  3. Water Bottle – You can’t bring a filled water bottle through security but if you bring an empty one there are water fountains located throughout the airport you can use or during flight a flight attendant will be happy to help you out. It is important to stay hydrated during your flight. Don’t want to find yourself getting lightheaded mid-flight.
  4. Entertainment – In the event I can not fall asleep or I slept on the first leg of my trip I  need some entertainment to deter my boredom for the length of the flight. If the plane doesn’t have an inflight entertainment system or the entertainment isn’t complimentary (because during certain times of the month I am on a very tight budget) I like to make sure I have my own entertainment. I like to bring my fully charged laptop to either do work or watch movies, my adult coloring books and colored pencils, and a book or magazines.

These are my four must haves for my medium haul flights.

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