Products: Sand Cloud Towels


I have been slowly collecting all of these amazing products like Pokemon. What I absolutely love about Sand Cloud is that 10% of their sales goes towards saving marine life. Growing up in Hawaii I spent a lot of time at or near the beach so preserving marine life means a lot to me.


So far I have the Seafood Baja Beach Blanket, Luna Tie Dye Pocket Beach Towel, Wanderlust Tie Dye Beach Towel,and the Indigo Boho Bag Beach Towel. I like the Luna Tie Dye because of the pocket that I can use to put my chapstick and keys so I don’t have to bring a big bag if I don’t want to. I also love the Indigo Boho Bag Beach Towel because it is not only a backpack but it converts into a towel. I don’t bring much with me when I go to the beach so this bag/towel combo is awesome.

Their towels are made of 100% Turkish Cotton, hand-loomed in Turkey. You can use the towel as it is meant to be used or as a tapestry to hang in your room. This makes these towels both functional and decorative. Get your own towel at Use code “Kellen25” to get 25% off your entire purchase.

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