Six Things That Will Annoy Your Flight Attendant

There are many things that passengers do that will annoy flight attendants. Here are the top six:

  1. Touch your flight attendant – Please do not touch your flight attendants. It is perfectly okay to use your words if you need to get their attention. There is no need to  poke us (especially our butt).
  2. Snap your fingers at your flight attendant – We are not your servants. Our primary role on the aircraft is your safety. If you need something you can ask nicely or push your flight attendant call button. Snapping your fingers is just rude.
  3. Give your flight attendant unnecessary attitude – We know the seats are tight. We know sometimes the gate agents check carry on bags too early. We know we can’t control the weather. Most of us have no idea about airplane mechanics. Please try to be nice to your flight attendants and keep your attitude in your checked luggage. Yelling at us about something we cannot control will not solve the problem.
  4. Leaving your headphones in during service – If you leave your headphones in and ignore us during the meal or beverage service, don’t get mad when you realized we’ve moved on to other passengers. We can’t wait around all flight for you. Most of us will make a quick attempt to get your attention and then move on if we don’t get a response. We also ask the you remove your headphones or pause your movie when you order so you’re not screaming at us. A normal volume usually works.
  5. Doing yoga in the galley – The galley is our work space. This is where we get our carts set up and prepare meals. We don’t show up and do yoga in your office so please try not to do it in ours.
  6. Ask us to put your bag in the overhead bin – You pack it, you stack it. You bring it, you sling it. You tow it, you stow it. I touch it, I tag it. We are not required to put your bag in the overhead bin. If it is too heavy for you to lift, it is too heavy for us to lift.

Your flight attendants are there to get you safely to your final destination. If you can try to avoid doing these six things, you’re flight crew will be very appreciative.

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