Kailua, Hawaii: Kono’s

My sister and I recently went to the Kono’s location in Kailua and it was awesome! The service was amazing and the food was so ono (Hawaiian for delicious). We just so happened to get their at a good time and didn’t have to wait. After we ordered more customers came in and a nice little line formed. The staff was awesome! Everyone was friendly and very helpful in answering questions about the menu. The cashier even offered samples of their kalua pig and guava bbq sauce to help us in making a decision on what to order.

Everything on the menu looks good and it was a difficult decision on what to get. I had to settle on one thing and promise myself to come back so I can try another option. This time around I got one of their bombers and a milkshake. I had the Chuns which had kalua pig, bacon, potatoes, and eggs. I also added avocados and sour cream to my bomber. The bomber doesn’t seem that big but for me it was the perfect meal size. As for my milkshake, I ordered the mudpid which had oreo, caramel, and coffee. The milkshake is nice and thick, just the way I like it.

There are other locations in Haleiwa and Honolulu. I will definitely need to try out the other locations to see if they offer other menu options and to see if the service and food is just as amazing as the Kailua location. I highly recommend going to Kono’s if you are in the Kailua area!!!

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