Crazy Stories: Passenger Or Pilot?

Weather is something that no matter how hard we try, we cannot control. We were flying to New York City but there were high winds that made it impossible to land safely at LaGuardia. We were in a holding pattern (pretty much flying in circles) over Raleigh, North Carolina. Of course planes aren’t magic and there is only a limited amount of fuel on board. We reached that point where we had to land so the Captain comes over the PA to make an announcement.

15894950_653753908163099_6911711179209409962_nCaptain: Ladies and Gentlemen we will be landing in Raleigh/Durham airport shortly. Due to the high winds we have been circling and are now low on fuel. Once we land, we fill refuel and then be back on our way to New York.
*Passenger in 3C rings his call light*
Passenger: Miss!
Me: Yes?
Passenger: Why are landing in Raleigh?! I need to get to New York!
Me: As the captain has just stated, we are going to be refueling and then be back in our way.
Passenger: But why?!
Me: Sir, at this point we have two options. One. We can continue to circle because it’s not safe to land in New York, run out of fuel, and fall out of the sky. Or two. Land safely in Raleigh, refuel, and then be back on our merry way.
Passenger: Oh! We can land in Raleigh!
Me: Okay, I’ll let the Captain know you said it’s okay for us to land in Raleigh.
*Passenger goes back to doing whatever we has doing*

We land safely in Raleigh and few passengers decide to get off and stay there instead. Ground staff refuels the plane and we get back on our way to LGA. The winds died down enough for the tower to give us the okay to land. There were still some winds so it was a bit of a bumpy landing but we made it there safely.

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