Don’t be THAT person: Clothes Edition 

The aisle on the plane is not a runway but by the way some people dress you wouldn’t know the difference. The best thing to do is dress in layers. Most airports and planes tend to be on the colder side so with layers you can add and take off layers as need.

I have seen a girl wearing sweatpants and a Calvin Klein sports bra as her “top”. I have seen a lady in just a bikini at the check in counter. Both of these would not be appropriate travel attire in my opinion. Think of a nice restaurant when traveling. No shirt, no shoes, no service.

Flying was once a classy affair. Now people take no pride in what their wear in public. Most people won’t care what you wear at home but when I’m getting my coffee or traveling I would rather not see your boobs hanging out all over the place.

Don’t be THAT person…

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