Crazy Stories: Bus Or Plane?

I know not everyone flies all the time but there are some passengers who make me scratch my head every once in a while.

*Passenger moves from main cabin to open first class seat*
Flight Attendant: I’m sorry ma’am but you can’t sit there. You need to return to your assigned seat.
Passenger: But this seat is open. Why can’t I sit here?
Flight Attendant: These seats cost more and you can’t just sit here because it’s open.
Passenger: But no one is sitting here. Can’t I just sit here since it’s open.
Flight Attendant: No. You need to take your assigned seat.
*Passenger doesn’t move so FA gets captain*
Captain: Hi ma’am! Where are you going today?
Passenger: Miami
Captain: Oh I’m sorry. The seats up front are going to Orlando. The seats in the back are going to Miami.
Passenger: Oh! I need to get to Miami!
*Passenger gets belongings and returns to seat in main cabin*

I thought this was just an isolated event that doesn’t happen very often but a few months later I have this conversation with a different passenger…

*During the boarding process*
Excuse me Miss.
Flight Attendant
: Yes.
Passenger: Are the seats back here going to Fort Lauderdale?
Flight Attendant: Yes. ALL the seats on this flight are going to Fort Lauderdale.

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