Do’s & Don’ts Of The Airplane Lavatory

There are many Do’s and Don’ts of traveling. Here are some of my specifics when it comes to using the airplane lavatory aka bathroom.

airplane lav

DO wear footwear – It is very important that you wear footwear when using the lav (and socks don’t count). If you step in any sort of liquid on the floor in the lav, just know that it is most likely NOT water.
DO wash your hands – Just like when you use any sort of restroom, please wash your hands. It helps you to avoid getting sick and spreading germs throughout the whole plane.
DO flush – No one wants to walk into a bathroom with stuff still in the toilet. The airplane toilets don’t automatically flush like some of the ones in the airport so please be sure to flush before you exit the lav. (Also be sure you pressed the flush button and NOT the flight attendant call button.)
DO supervise children – The lavatory isn’t the biggest space but that still doesn’t mean you should leave your children unattended.
DO wait patiently – There are only so many lavatories on the aircraft so please be patient and wait your turn to use the bathroom.

DON’T take a shower – There are no showers in the lavatory (unless you’re flying ththe fancy Emirates plane). So please don’t splash water all over the mirror, sink area, and floors.
DON’T brush your teeth with the sink water – The potable water isn’t safe for consumption unless it’s been heated (like to make coffee) so it’s not safe to brush your teeth with. I recommend if you have to brush your teeth, ask a flight attendant for a cup of water to take into the lav with you. Or just bring mouthwash.
DON’T use the lavatory during taxi, take off, landing, or turbulence – These are the worst times to use the bathroom because it is not safe. It is not only unsafe for you but for the people around you as you walk down the aisle. Any sudden movement from the plane can cause you to lose your balance and hurt yourself or someone else so just don’t do it.
DON’T join the mile high club – I know there are people with this on their bucket list but I highly recommend NOT joining that club. There are not enough oxygen masks in the lavs should you need them. Not to mention it’s far from the cleanest place on the plane and you don’t want to catch something nasty.
DON’T take forever – You are not the only passenger on the plane so you cannot take the entire flight to use the restroom. Please be courteous to those waiting in line and be quick when using the lavatory.

Hope these tips come in handy the next time you have to get up and use the lavatory in flight.


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