The A-Z of Flight Attendants

Here is my A-Z of being a flight attendant:

A: Aircraft – Our natural habitat. If we’re not in an airport or hotel we are on an aircraft.
B: Bag – What we live out of. It could be a rollerboard, lunch box, tote, overnighter or purse but it’s what we keep all of our belongings in while we travel.
C: Crew – The people we are stuck with during work. They are our coworkers and can sometimes feel like family (both good and bad).
D: Deadhead – It is a flight where the crew is just getting from point A to point B so they can work another flight.
E: Evacuate – One of the most feared words to a flight attendant. You hope to go your whole flight career without having to evacuate a plane but if we do, we can do it in 90 seconds or less.
F: Frequent Flier – The passengers who can be
G: Gate Agent – The ladies and gentlemen who are at the gate door scanning your tickets and are the people who you actually want to speak to when you want to switch seats.
H: Hotel – Our home away from home when we are working. Flight attendants live out of hotels.
I: Ice – There is such a thing as good ice and bad ice to a flight attendant. Good ice is when it is easily scoopable. Bad ice is when it is a huge chunk and should be considered an ice burg.
J: Jetway Miracle – When a passenger needs a wheelchair for boarding but is healed and no longer needs one when they deplane.
K: KCM – KCM stands for Known Crew Member. It is the special security line we get to use as crew members so we can make it to work our flights on time.
L: Layover – The time we get to spend in a city between our duty periods. Not to be confused with a “sit” which is time spent at the airport between flights.
M: Money – We travel to different countries so we usually have different currencies laying around our homes.
N: No – The one word we always want to use but can’t.


Obligatory overhead bin photo

O: Overhead Bin – This is where you store those larger carry-ons.
P: Pilots – The guys and gals who fly the plane. They are part of our working crew.
Q: Quiet – It’s nice to get some peace and quiet on our layovers and days off because there is so much noise we deal with on the plane.
R: Reroute – One of the most hated words in a flight attendant’s vocabulary. It is when Scheduling decides to send you somewhere else instead of your intended destination.
S: Scheduling – The department we both love and hate because they determine our fate. They decide when and where we are going.
T: Turn – A turn is when you fly from one city to another, TURN around and come right back to your starting city.
U: Uniform – Flight Attendants and Pilots are a few of the many jobs that wear uniforms.
V: Vacation – Sometimes work feels like a vacation and sometime we need a vacation to keep us sane from the crazy schedules and passengers.
W: Weather -Contrary to popular belief, it is something we cannot control. It effects when planes take off, the smoothness of the ride, and when planes can land.
X: X-ray – This is what is used to scan bags to help keep us safe.
Y: Yum – Yum! The great food we get to experience on our layovers.
Z: Zzzs – We love our sleep! Especially since we have to adjust to sleeping at different times of the day depending on our schedule.

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