You Know You’re A Flight Attendant When…. (Part 2)

You wake up with a mini panic attack because you don’t know where you are at and you slept past 7 am. Turns out your in your own bed at home and you are off
Sometimes you forget that you are off so when you wake up it takes you a few seconds to realize where you are and what’s going on, It usually happens when you find yourself flying a lot.

You don’t know, or care, what day of the week it is (unless you want chick fil a and you find out it’s Sunday)
As a flight attendant we can usually tell you what date it is but the day of the week usually eludes us.

When you text in airport codes to all your friends even the ground people who have no idea because MSP is way easier than typing Minneapolis
MSP is just 3 letters and Minneapolis is 11 letters. It just easier and faster to type city codes. Sometimes we forget not everyone knows what those 3 letters mean.

When you say “the other day”, you could be referring to anything between yesterday and 6 months ago.
We’re always on the go so sometimes our days just blend together.

When you have 2 of everything … one for home and one for your suitcase.
It is just easier to have 2 of everything instead of always having to look through your suitcase for it.

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