LAX Airport Survival Guide

Los Angeles International Airport is the 5th busiest airport in the world and the 2nd busiest airport in the United States. Here are my top 3 tips in helping you navigate LAX:Los Angeles International Airport

  1. Leave early – If you are driving to LAX be sure to leave time to sit in the traffic that is almost always present around the airport.
  2. Layout – There are 9 different terminals that make up LAX (Terminals 1 thru 8 and Tom Bradley International). Be sure to check which terminal your flight is leaving out of before you get to the airport. Most airline apps will be able to tell you which one to go to.Airline Terminal Location Map_EL18-0727 - LAX-Airline-Location-Map.ashx
  3. 2 Hour Connection Time – LAX is a fairly large airport. Some airlines operate out of more than one terminal and if you are connecting to another airline that means you may have to go through security again.

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