4 Years And Counting…

I just celebrated my 4th work anniversary. In just 4 short years I have learned SO much. 

Jumpseat therapy comes with the job. Sometimes it is nice to have a non-bias opinion on something going on in your life. It is also nice to be able to lend an ear to someone new who might need it. In 3 days time you can know the life story of a person who was a complete stranger before this trip and then possibly never see them again.

Being a slam clicker is okay – A “slam clicker” is a term we use for a flight attendant who does nothing on a layover. As soon as they get to their hotel room they SLAM the door and CLICK the deadbolt. They want nothing to do with the crew until they have to see them at pick up time and sometimes that’s a good thing. Our lifestyle constantly has us on the go and a layover can be the perfect time to recharge. Not wanting to interact with anyone and focus on ourselves is a good thing. Self care is not selfish but essential. 

No one will ever understand the lavatory door – It never ceases to amuse me that on EVERY SINGLE flight there is at least ONE person who tries to push the pull door, pull the push door, or thinks the ashtray is a door handle. I will usually give you a few seconds to try and figure it out yourself before stepping with a little hint. 

It has been a fun filled 4 years and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

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