7 Questions To NOT Ask Your Flight Attendant

There are a few questions that just get on our nerves because we hear it all the time. So kisspng-flight-attendant-flight-attendant-clipart-5b4b2e06dbf0b0.3987051315316536389009to be kind to your flight crew, please try not to ask these questions:

  1. “Is this your normal route?” – Our schedules are based off of seniority so some of us can’t hold specific “routes”, we just get sent wherever we are needed. If you do have a specific route more than likely we don’t want to tell you it is.
  2. “Am I going to make my connection?” – We are not your travel planners and did not book your flight. So if you have a tight connection it’s not our fault. We cannot control the weather or fix mechanical issues.
  3. “Will you call ahead and have them hold the flight?” – We cannot have “them” hold your connecting flight. Any time a flight is delayed it has a ripple effect so it is very unlikely a flight will be held for just one person.
  4. “What did you do before this?” – Who wants to live in the past and why does what I did before becoming a flight attendant matter to you?
  5. “Can I get a free drink?” – When you eat out at a restaurant do you ask for free drinks?
  6. “Do you know (insert name here)? She’s a flight attendant too.” – The airline I work for has 24,000 flight attendants with about 4,000 of them at my base. Do you think I know all of them?
  7. “What do you have?” – All airlines have a menu or magazine of some sort that lists what is offered during the service. Please take the few minutes to look over the list. There is are a lot of passengers on the plane with only a limited amount of time to do the service.

We get so many questions a day. Please think before asking because there is such a thing as a stupid question.

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