7 Things To Know Before Dating A Flight Attendant

Dating a flight attendant is a privilege because as the saying goes… Marry Me, Fly For Free (well, practically free). Dating an airline angel comes with it’s ups and downs so it’s good to be a kisspng-suitcase-travel-drawing-watercolor-painting-illust-travel-5a88bc960ab209.7765401515189106140438little prepared. Here are a few things you should know if you decide take your love life to a new height and date a flight attendant:

1. We are sleep deprived – We can work long hours with little to no time to rest. We are also constantly traveling between different time zones so we have never ending jet lag and naps are our best friends.

2. You are NOT joining the mile high club – As flight attendants we know how filthy and tiny those lavatories are. It does NOT turn us on to thinking about getting it on while we are on the job. Most of us also like our jobs and don’t want to risk losing our paychecks for your fantasy. Now on a layover on layover is a different story… šŸ˜‰

3. We have a pretty good poker face – We are trained to remain calm in the event of an emergency. Sometimes that carries over into our every day lives. So just know that even though we look calm, we may actually be really stressed.

4. We are all germophobes to some degree – For our job, we are trapped in a metal tube with all kinds of people including sick ones. Without fail you will hear at least one person cough or sneeze at some point in your flight. We also have to deal with collecting trash from people, arming girt bars (which are filthy), handling accidents that include bodily fluids (yes I am talking about vomit and urine), and those dirty dirty lavatories. 99% of flight attendants travel with hand sanitizer and will be very grump when it runs out.

5. We are expert conversationalist – A big reason why we were hired was because we said we were a “people person”. So call it what you want, a proclivity for speaking, the gift of gab, or being a Chatty Cathy but as flight attendants we can talk. So be prepared for long conversations. Also don’t be worried about leaving us alone for a bit at parties as we’ll be able to hold our own in a conversation.

6. We appreciate the little things – We are constantly on the go and are exposed to different places and cultures. This helps us to appreciate the little things in life. So leaving a cute note, flowers for no reason, or home cooking our favorite meal will mean so much more to us than you will know.

7. We are foodies – We’re so over airplane food and one of our favorite things to do our layovers is EAT! We always ask around for restaurant suggestions. So be prepared to try new foods and explore different restaurants.

So I hope these tips help if you’re ready to take off with a flight attendant. It will be a journey you won’t forget. šŸ˜‰

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