3 Easiest Ways To Piss Off Your Flight Attendant

There are many ways you can piss off your flight crew. Here are the top 3 to piss this flight attendant off:

  1. Poke them – Does anyone actually like being poked? Your flight is not a petting zoo so please keep your hands yo yourself. Using your words is more efficient in communicating with your flight crew.
  2. Call them a glorified waitress – The main job of a flight attendant is to get you safely to your destination. They are not waitresses of the sky. The are trained to handle any emergency that could happen on the plane while on the ground or in flight.
  3. Act like you’re the only passenger on the plane – The entitled mindset is the worst mindset to have when you are flying. If you want to be the only person on the plane then charter a private jet.

So next time you fly, keep these in mind. You know they say, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Be nice to your flight crew.

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