5 More Things You May Not Know About Being A Flight Attendant

Have you ever thought about becoming a flight attendant? I wrote an article about 5 things you may not know. Here are 5 more you may not know about being a flight attendant.

  1. Looking put-together is part of the job description – Every airline has its own list of uniform compliant standards that are really specific and very strict. The flight attendants are told what nail color is acceptable, how to wear their hair, what kind of shoes they can wear on the plane and in the airport, how to wear specific uniform pieces, and what kind of luggage to use for work. 
  2. They can fly anywhere for free or almost free – The travel benefits are probably the best perk of the job. We can hop on a plane and go anywhere in the world on a whim. Personally I have flown to Tokyo and back just because I was craving sushi. The only catch is we fly on standby which means we only get on the flight if there are empty seats.
  3. Jumpseat Therapy is a real thing – You will learn everything about your coworkers and then may never work or even see them ever again. Within 72 hours you will know their entire life story and even help them with their personal problem. They may even help you with your personal problems. It may not be a professional way of solving your issues but it’s a great way of getting to know a complete stranger and a non-bias opinion.
  4. They learn to stretch a paycheck – Our schedules fluctuate week to week so our paychecks are sometimes inconsistent and BUDGET is a very important word in our vocabulary. Most airlines have bases in big cities which means a higher cost of living like in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and San Francisco. If you live in your base city it can make life a little easier. For those of us who commute we had an added expense. We either can shell out the money for a hotel room when needed or use a “crash pad”.
  5. They travel EVERYWHERE not just the exotic destinations – We learn to appreciate the places you would never visit unless you have family or a specific reason to go. Of course we go to the destinations like Hawaii, Paris, and Tokyo but I have also had the opportunity to travel to almost all 50 states and explore places like Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I probably would have never visited Jackson Hole on my own but it has become one of my favorite layovers and have gone to visit on my free time.

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