Gate House Etiquette

The gate house is place where you wait to board your flight. If you plan your trip smartly you should have some time hanging out in the gate area. Here are somethings you should keep in mind up until that time you board your flight.

Wait until your zone is called – If you are in a later zone please stay out of the way until your zone is called. Have a seat and just chill and relax. If you try to crowd the gate area then it prevents those who’s zone has been called from easily getting to the gate.

Don’t yell at the gate agent – Yelling isn’t going to help your cause. The gate agent does have the authority to deny your boarding if they deem you are a threat or may not be fit to fly. Raising your voice at them will not work in your favor while being nice to them can have the opposite effect.

Be ON TIME! – Yes I know airports are not the most exciting places to be but it does help to be on time for your flight. It is the airline’s responsibility to try and keep their flights on schedule not you.

Save the handicap seats for those who need them – The handicap seats are placed there for a purpose and designated for a reason. It is there for those who need it. Just like the handicap parking stalls at the store, keep them open and available.

Be considerate of those around you – Don’t block the aisle so others can’t get to open seats. Just like you, they may want to have a seat and relax instead of standing around. You also want to keep your conversations to an acceptable volume. Those around you probably don’t want to hear your phone call or the conversation you’re having with your travel buddies.

Keep these tips in mind and it will help make for a nicer gate house experience.

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