Travel Fashion 101

Your flight is not a runway. You don’t have to dress like you’re walking down a catwalk. With the altitude change, in flight some people will tend to bloat so loose clothing will make for a more pleasant flight. I’m not saying to go out and buy a brand new velour tracksuit from Juicy to be comfortable but find what works for you. My favorite travel outfit includes my H&M harem pants and Zara t-shirt.

Also having comfortable footwear that is easy to take on and off will make you a much happier traveler. It comes in handy when going through security as well as being able to slip on and off while on the aircraft. It’s really nice to be able to kick off your footwear while on the plane but it is import to remember to put your footwear back on when walking throughout the aircraft or going to the lavatory.

I also like to travel in layers because some aircrafts and airports can be colder than others and it can be handy to be able to add a jacket if I start to feel chilly. It is also important to travel in layers when traveling to different climate destinations. When you travel from Los Angeles to New York in spring you may go from 70 degree weather to 40 degree weather. If you wear shorts and a tank top leaving L.A. you may end up freezing your butt off when you arrive in chilly NYC.

These are just a few of my travel fashion tips. Keep these tips in mind and add your own style while traveling the friendly skies.

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