5 Summer Travel Must Haves

It doesn’t matter where I am traveling to there are a few essential travel must haves that I always bring with me during the summer months.

Swimsuit: First this I always back is my swimsuit! You never know if there will be a beach, pool, or hot tub calling your name. A swimsuit will always come in handy when the temperature starts to rise.

Hydro Flask: It is always important to stay hydrated. Having a hydro flask or water bottle helps to cut down on the amount of money you spend buying bottled water. A flight attendant, waiter, or water fountain can will up that water bottle in a snap.

Hair Ties: When the temperature goes up, so does my hair. I need to travel with my hair ties so I can throw my hair up into a ponytail or a quick messy bun. Having my hair up helps me to feel just a bit cooler on those sunny days.

Hydrating Spray: A quick spritz from a hydrating spray will help you feel refreshed on a warm day or while traveling long haul. Evian Facial Spray is my favorite.

Dry Shampoo: When it’s hot my roots tend to get greasier faster than usual. Having my dry shampoo around helps me to refresh my hair throughout the day without having to take a shower and restyle my hair. My go to dry shampoo is “No Drought” by LUSH.

Those are my 5 summer travel must haves. What are yours?

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