Amsterdam, Netherlands: Heineken Experience

IMG_1997The Heineken Experience is just that, an experience! You have the usual videos, photos, and historical facts but what I like about this brewery is the interactive actives you have throughout the self guided tour.

At the start of the tour you get a background for the history of Heineken as well as how beer is made. From there they have a hands on area where you can see what it’s like to be a brewer. You also get to sample the malt (beer before the fermentation process). The malt does not taste good but it is interesting to see how it changes into tasty beer. You also get to meet the Heineken horses but they were on vacation when I went for my tour.

IMG_2031There is a virtual video tour you take to see how the beer is made. It’s the Brew You “ride” and it’s a fun way to make learning the process more interesting. The best part comes after this ride. This is where you get to sample the good stuff!

After all the “normal” tourist brewery part comes the fun part. The interactive areas! You can try your hand at scoring a point with the virtual rugby area or record a fun little music video. There is also an area where you can see if you can make that perfect Heineken pour.

At the end of the tour you get to turn in the two chips you received at the ticket desk to get yourself some ice cold Heinekens. This really is an experience and would highly recommend it to anyone making a trip to Amsterdam.

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