Malaga, Spain: Beach Time

Recently got to spend some time in Malaga, Spain. This beach time was just what I needed to relax from all the busy jetsetting in my life. You can bring your own towel and lay out on the sand or you can rent a beach chair for about 4 euro. The price of the beach chair will vary depending where along the beach you are.

What I loved best about my beach time are the numerous beverage options. There are little restaurant type areas along the beach you can grab a quick bite or drink. There are also people who walk up and down the shoreline selling cold drinks. It makes things a lot easier if you don’t want to walk the 20 or so yards you get one yourself from the restaurant. Just be sure to have some euro on hand as a card is not an option.

I do love the water of the Mediterranean. It was not icy cold like like water of the beaches in Souhern California but not warm like the water in the Dead Sea. It is nice and refreshing from the hot Spanish sun.

So if you find yourself in the south of Spain I recommend taking a trip to the beach. Take in the sun, work on your tan, and enjoy a drink.

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