Crazy Stories: Cold Sandwich

I always get asked about crazies stories I have experienced and this one might have to be the craziest so far. Here’s how it goes…..

*I’m walking down the aisle*
Passenger 1: Ma’am! Ma’am!
Me: Yes?
Passenger 1: *Frantically pointing at the gentleman across the aisle*
Passenger 2: *Holding a lighter under a foil wrapped sandwich*
Me: Sir, what are you doing?!
Passenger 2: Heating up my sandwich.
Me: I’m going to need to take that. *Puts hand out to take lighter*
Passenger 2: *Puzzled look*
Me: Sir please give me the lighter.
Passenger 2: * Hands over the lighter* But I don’t want to eat a cold sandwich.
Me: Do I need to explain to you why you cannot have an open flame on an airplane?
Passenger 2: *Thinking about saying yes but doesn’t want to say anything*
Me: You can get this (lighter) back when we land.

I don’t know why this guy thought it was a good idea to try and heat up a sandwich mid-flight but he is the only person so far that has tried. And before you ask, yes you can bring a lighter onboard an aircraft. It just needs to fit very specific qualifications by the FAA.

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