Do’s & Don’ts Of Being a Perfect Passenger

Here are some tips to be a perfect passenger on this flight attendant’s flight:

DO use your words – I am not a mind reader. Please use your words if you need something from your flight attendant.
DO use the bathroom before boarding the plane – The airplane lavatories are not the biggest or cleanest bathrooms. I recommend using the bathroom before you board the plane to help expedite the boarding process.
DO bring your own headphones – The passengers three rows back don’t want to listen to your music or movie. So please bring your own headphones so you can enjoy your music and movie to yourself.
DO bring your own water for medication – Yes you cannot bring liquids more than three ounces through the TSA security check point but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy a bottle of water or bring an empty bottle with you and fill it up. You know when you need to take your medication so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you need to take it.
DO understand you are NOT the only passenger onboard – If you want to be the only passenger on board take a private jet. If you are flying commercial you are not the only passenger
DO know what you want for the drink service – The drink service is not complicated. Having your order ready makes it easier for the crew to accommodate everyone’s order during the flight.

DON’T touch the flight attendants – You are not at a petting zoo so please do not touch the flight attendants. There are better ways to get our attention than invading our personal space.
DON’T get up at the first “ding” – The first “ding” you hear is mainly an indication of the altitude from the cocktail to the flight crew. The first “ding” does not mean it’s safe to get up and use the lavatory or getting things out of the overhead bin. Once the seatbelt sign goes off that means you can get up.
DON’T have a bad attitude – As the saying goes, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. So please be kind to your crew and fellow passengers.
DON’T do yoga in the galley – The galley is the work area for your flight attendants. You wouldn’t want someone to come into your work space and start stretching while you’re trying to work right?
DON’T make the flight attendant’s job harder than it needs to be – This means removing your headphones when the flight attendants are trying to talk to you. It also means keeping the aisles clear so they are not tripping over your belongings.

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