You Know You’re A Flight Attendant When…. (Part 1)

You have every other currency except for usd (United States Dollar)
As a flight attendant we travel a lot for both work and pleasure. I always have different currencies in my wallet and a few times have tried to pay for things with something other than usd.

When you eat standing up no matter where you are
We’re use to eating while standing. We often find ourselves trying to eat while we can between our services since we don’t have a designated break during most flights. I find myself standing in my kitchen eating my lunch when I have a dining table with chairs just a few feet away.

When you drop something when cooking and kick it under the fridge/stove
It has become a little habit to kick things we drop under the carts in the back galley. I’ve noticed if I fly a lot then I will have that habit at home. It’s usually when I know I need to take a little break/vacation.

Trying to stomp the “brake” on a grocery cart
Our beverage carts have brakes on them to keep both crew and our passengers safe. Sometimes we are stuck in the habit of trying to put the brakes on even when we are doing activities like grocery shopping. A grocery cart and beverage cart sometimes feels like the same thing.

When you wake up in your own bed, in your own house, and you can’t remember where you are
As flight attendants we live out of hotels. Even on our days off we sometimes can’t remember where we are, even if it’s our own home. It usually takes a few seconds to realize where we are.

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