Marry Me, Fly For Free

IMG_7320Navigating the dating world is hard enough but as a flight attendant it’s even harder. Guys have this idea in their head that dating a flight attendant is this sexy fantasy like an episode straight out of Pan Am. Now I do admit that there are times where I think to myself “how is this my life?” Being a flight attendant is a lifestyle and one of the biggest adjustment to this lifestyle has been my dating life.

I had been flying for about 2 years when my friend Megan asked for stories about our dating lives as she was writing an article for Cosmopolitan. Here’s my story I shared with her:

And her story isn’t unique. “I met a guy through a friend,” another flight attendant, Kia, tells me. “We made it work for a few months. I would bid for Dallas layovers and try to fly down as much as I could on my off days. Things seemed great, considering, but the last time I flew to Dallas, it was the last time I ever heard from him. Ghosted.” Kia is gorgeous and funny and sweet. You’d be shocked to know she has any dating troubles. But even so, she’s not getting too bent out of shape about it. She added, “Any time I get sad about a guy not being able to handle our lifestyle, I open my eyes in Paris and eat my macaron and say, ‘Screw you. I’m amazing.’”

My dating life hasn’t really improved since then. Guys have come and gone throughout my flight career. None seem to be able to stick around and that’s fine. I’m sure some day someone will be able to handle my jetsetting lifestyle. As Megan puts it, “Our dating pool of planet Earth is decidedly larger than most, but the reality is that guys are usually ill-equipped to handle the unpredictability of our lives.” So for every guy that ghosts me, cheats on me, dumps me for ‘never being around’ or finds someone else that they rather “see how things go” with, I’ll just hop on a flight for free to seek a new adventure with my fly friends.

Read Megan’s Cosmo Article

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