Six Foods To Try When In Hawaii

There are so many different cultures in Hawaii and that is reflected in the food. Some of these foods you can’t find anywhere else unless you make it yourself or find a specialty shop. If you make it out to the islands, these are the six things I recommend you try.

Kalua Pig – Some of you may know this as pulled pork but it’s cooked a little differently. The authentic way to cook Kailua Pig is by digging a pit, lining it with rocks and leaves, putting the pork in the center, burying it, and let the sun cook it in the ground. It goes great with rice and mac salad.

Meat Jun – You will find Meat Jun at Hawaii Korean BBQ sports. If you ask for it outside of Hawaii people will usually look at your like you’re crazy (I know because I’ve asked). It’s beef that’s had been coated in an egg batter and fried. It is one of my all time favorite lunch options.

Spam Musubi – This is Hawaii’s PB&J. Growing up you would bring a spam musubi for lunch on school trips along with a Hawaiian Sun juice and chips. It is a slice of spam (usually coated in teriyaki sauce), rice, and nori (seaweed). Best way to describe it would be spam sushi.

Poke – Yes I know there is a craze going on now and you can find poke shops across the country but most of these places don’t compare to the poke in Hawaii. The fresh fish and the seasoning is unlike anything you’ve had before. It makes for a perfect pupu (Hawaiian for appetizer) or a snack at the beach. Poke is raw fish that has been seasoned in a variety of different ways. It great on its own or you can pair it with rice.

Malasada – Heaven in pastry form. It is batter that has been fried and rolled in sugar. It makes for a great dessert or quick snack. Just be careful when you eat it as it can get messy with the sugar. The sugar will get all over the place if you’re not careful.

Shave Ice – Some people may call it a snow cone but I think it’s a little different. To me shave ice (Yes shave ice. Not Shaved Ice. No “d”) is finer which will hold the syrup better. You can put ice cream or azuki beans at the bottom and if you buy condensed milk on top it’s called a Snow Cap. There are a variety of different syrup flavors you can mixed together for endless combinations. Definately a great way to cool down on those hot Hawaiian days.

If you can’t try all six I recommend trying at least one thing on this list while your visiting the 50th state.


Dear Pax: Entertainment 

Dear Passenger in 11A,

Yes we can hear you complaining. I’m sure they can even hear you 5 rows back. The entire plane can hear how upset your are that there are “no TVs”. The more you complain isn’t going to change the fact there are no entertainment systems. The flight attendant will not run to Best Buy and get you a tablet if you keep complaining. Everyone heard you the first time. I’m pretty sure we heard you the other ten times as well.

This is a smaller aircraft and like most small aircrafts there are no entertainment systems. There was even a time not too long ago when all planes didn’t have personal entertainment systems. There was a time when you couldn’t pick which movie you wanted to watch. You were stuck watching whatever movie the plane was playing or nothing at all.

In today’s day and age practically everyone has some sort of electronic device and I’m pretty sure you can watch movies on your tablet, smart phone, or laptop.

So please stop whining like a 5 year old that there are no TVs. Read the magazine that is in the seat back pocket. Act like a millennial and play on your cell phone for 2 hours. Maybe take a nap. Just please stop complaining. We heard you the first dozen times.

Your’s Truly,
An Annoyed Passenger

Don’t be THAT person: Bag Edition

Roller boards, duffel bags, backpacks, purses, and every other bag you can think of is brought on the plane. Per FAA regulations all passengers are allowed 2 carry-on. One is your carry-on bag and the other is a personal item like a purse, laptop case, or briefcase. This is because you are meant to put one bag (the larger bag) in the overhead bin and the other bag (the personal item) under the seat in front of you.

Just because you heard you are allowed 2 carry-on items does not mean that both items go in the overhead. You may put both up there but that’s just a rude move on your part. Space is limited and taking up 2 spaces means someone towards the end of boarding may not be able to bring their carry-on on board.

It also might mean another passenger will have to put their carry-on bag a few rows back and have to wait during deplaning to retrieve their bags. Overhead bin space is shared space so that means you do NOT own the bin above your seat. Be thoughtful of your fellow passengers and keep smaller items under the seat in front of you and be understanding of limited space when you are towards the end of the boarding process.

Don’t be THAT person…

Dear Pax: Inappropriate Conversation

Dear Passenger in 18B,

Well hey there sir! Guess what? Are you attempting to make a scene because you are causing a little one. I’m sure the entire plane can hear you asking the poor passenger in front of you if they think framing someone for a crime they didn’t commit is a bad thing. I can tell the other passenger rather not get into this conversation with you but is being a nice guy and at least answering your question. I also know the volume of your voice is not that loud most of the time as I heard you talking to one of the flight attendants when you boarded and couldn’t make out what you were saying. I also couldn’t tell what your conversation was with the gate agent. Why is that now all of a sudden you need to yell to ask this inappropriate question.

Not to get to what I’m sure we’re all thinking. Why are you bringing this up to a total stranger on an airplane? Were you framed for a crime you supposedly did not commit? If so, why would you want the entire plane knowing this information. I am starting to feel a little uneasy with you sitting directly across the aisle from me. Should I be worried you’re on this flight? I’m glad the other passenger agreed with you because I don’t even want to imagine what you might do if he disagreed.

Oh look, now you’re asking the flight attendant the same question. I can see in her forced smile that she would just like to do her beverage service and not have to answer this question which seemingly came out of no where. I just want my coffee on this morning flight and to get to our destination in peace. I really hope you don’t ask me next.

As another passenger on the same flight as you, maybe next time just keep your random questions to yourself. If you really must ask someone a question, just don’t yell it.

Yours Truly,
A Now Worried Passenger

Crazy Stories: Mr. Gin & Tonic

Passengers drinking on our flights are a pretty common thing. Most passengers have a reasonable number of drinks within their flight but it’s those few who have “too much fun” that we sometimes have to cut off and recommend other non-alcoholic options.

I recently had a passenger that as a crew we decided he had enough fun and had to cut him off. He had numerous alcoholic beverages (Gin & Tonics to be exact), chips all down the front of this shirt, and fell while walking to the lavatory. After he fell he didn’t bother to get up but instead choose to crawl to the lav. At this point it was a pretty easy decision as a crew to decide to no longer serve him additional cocktails. The lead flight attendant politely explained to him that the crew will no longer be serving him cocktails but will be more than happy to serve him juice, soda, coffee, tea, or water. She also explained the airline’s policy as well as the FAA policy on alcohol consumption during a flight. This went in one ear and out the other with this guy.

Gin And TonicFor the remaining 2 hours of the flight (a little over 4 hours of total flight time) he would ring his flight attendant call button every 5 minutes and request another gin and tonic (or G&T as he put it). He also did what has become more and more familiar with air travel, he started to film the crew while they were working. The crew kindly asked him multiple times to please stop filming as they did not give their consent to be filmed and he was starting to interfere with our duties. The passenger seated next to him told him also chimed in at one point to tell him, “to stop being a jerk” but that didn’t phase Mr. Gin & Tonic one bit so he went back to minding his own business.

The crew informed the pilots but they didn’t really seem to care (yes some pilots are “jerks” too). I contacted headquarters directly to get security to meet the flight upon arrival. I think sometimes the pilots forget that we are trapped in a metal tube at 35,000 feet and not on the ground. We don’t have the luxury of calling security/police/FBI or having a bouncer/body guard to assist us. The flight crew is on their own and the only help we may get is from a helpful passenger. We all took our turn trying to calmly deal with Mr Gin & Tonic and putting up with his verbal abuse. We couldn’t just let one person endure it all on their own.

Once we land and the boarding door opened, there were the cops waiting for Mr. Gin & Tonic. All of a sudden Mr. Gin & Tonic was clueless and had no idea why the cops would need to speak with him. The cops take him aside and wait until all the passengers have deplaned so they can speak with the crew.

This is when the lead flight attendant finally broke down. I overhear one of the officers say she must have put up with a lot to only break down in tears after deplaning. As a crew we stuck together (minus the mean ol pilot).

Not sure what happened with Mr. Gin & Tonic at the end. I heard the cops tell him he was not allowed to drive home (not sure why he thought it would be a good idea to get wasted when he knew he had to drive). Not sure if anything else came of it.

Museum Of Ice Cream

IMG_0310I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM! This has to be one of my favorite “museums” ever! I absolutely love this exhibition! How could you not love a museum with an ice cream theme?! Each room has a different flavor or inspiration and you are given samples throughout the whole experience.

You do need to purchase a ticket online before going to the venue. Tickets cannot be purchased there so be sure to get yours as soon as possible for the day you want. They also want you to arrive around your specific ticket time. If you are early there is a waiting area with seating and some outdoor games to keep you occupied until they’re ready for you.

You don’t really have a time limit (except for the sprinkle pool) and you can’t go backwards. I recommend you take all your photos in your current area before moving on to the next. Be sure to check out everything the room offers before moving on. The sprinkle pool was my favorite part and I wish we got a little more time to spend there. If you’re with a larger group it is hard to get everyone’s pictures in during the short time they give you.

The Museum of Ice Cream started in New York City before migrating over to Los Angeles. After some time in Los Angeles it moved onto San Francisco where it is currently. I highly recommend going and I hope I can go again!

Crazy Stories: Wedding Detour

I’m jumpseating (occupying an available flight attendant seat and not a passenger seat) to my little’s (little sister in my sorority) wedding in Portland. I started out in New York City but didn’t want to wake up at the crack of dawn to catch the direct flight so I opt to sleep in a little bit and take a pit stop in Minneapolis on my way to Portland.

During the boarding process there is a lady who is pre-boarding the flight. You can tell she is having a difficult time walking down the aisle. I turn to one of the working flight attendants and say, “I would check your emergency equipment if I were you. I have a feeling something might go down on this flight.”

First-Aid-KitWe take-off, climb to cruising altitude, and the working crew does their thing. I do my usual jumpseater thing, aka stay out of the way of the working crew. About mid-flight one of the working flight attendants sticks her head into the back galley where I’m hiding and asks for me to grab an oxygen bottle and some water. I jump into action as if I were part of the working crew. I grab the emergency equipment she asked for while another flight attendant makes a PA for medical personnel to identify themselves. Another flight attendant grabs more of the medical equipment and I jump on the interphone to inform the pilots of the medical situation. We are trained for these situations and it seems like the crew is on auto-pilot while handling the situation. I happen to be a tiny person so there I am climbing over and around passengers and seats to assist the crew in any way I can.

Unfortunately after about an hour of the medical personnel working on the passenger, they come to the conclusion that there is nothing else that can be done. They’ve been taking turns providing compressions and the AED continues to state no shock advised. By this time the decision to divert to an alternative location has been made. We head to our new diverted location of Boise as landing in Portland is no longer an option with this medical situation. Upon landing in Boise, we deplane the cabin so the paramedics can do their job of removing our departed passenger.

After things are done, we reboard the plane and are back on our way to our destination.  Needless to say, I was a mess upon arriving to the wedding. Until this day sometimes I get a few flashbacks of that day when I’m on the same aircraft. I can remember how her skin had a blue color to it when the situation started and was grey upon landing in Boise. I can remember her body as they did compressions. I hope the rest of my flight career I will not have to go through this again.

This Flight Attendant’s Top Five Gifts

As a flight attendant it really makes our day when we get little gifts from our passengers. I’m not saying that giving a gift will get you an upgrade or a free drink but you never know. 😉

  1. Hand Sanitizer – We work on these planes day in and day out. Sometimes our passengers aren’t 100% healthy. Getting a travel size hand sanitizer not only helps to keep us healthy but our passengers healthy.
  2. Sealed Snack – As much as we would love to take a handful of M&Ms from your giant family size bag, it is not the most sanitary thing (no offense). A snack that has been sealed will ensure us it has not been tampered with and we can read the ingredients on the packaging should we have any food allergies.
  3. Gift Card – The airline industry runs off of jet fuel and coffee and Starbucks gift cards are key. Really any gift card will do but something as small as a $5 gift card will really make a flight crew’s day (especially around holidays).
  4. Lip Balm – Traveling all the time and going up and down in altitude all day can work a number on our lips. A new chapstick or bert’s bees is always nice.
  5. Card – Hand written notes seem to be a rare thing now days with technology being our primary form of communication. Whether it’s a note written on a napkin or a Hallmark card, it is a pleasant surprise and can make a flight attendant’s day to get a nice little thank you.

We don’t always get gifts while we work but it always nice. When I travel as a passenger I like to give the working crew something small. Just something to think about. 😉

Kailua, Hawaii: Kono’s

My sister and I recently went to the Kono’s location in Kailua and it was awesome! The service was amazing and the food was so ono (Hawaiian for delicious). We just so happened to get their at a good time and didn’t have to wait. After we ordered more customers came in and a nice little line formed. The staff was awesome! Everyone was friendly and very helpful in answering questions about the menu. The cashier even offered samples of their kalua pig and guava bbq sauce to help us in making a decision on what to order.

Everything on the menu looks good and it was a difficult decision on what to get. I had to settle on one thing and promise myself to come back so I can try another option. This time around I got one of their bombers and a milkshake. I had the Chuns which had kalua pig, bacon, potatoes, and eggs. I also added avocados and sour cream to my bomber. The bomber doesn’t seem that big but for me it was the perfect meal size. As for my milkshake, I ordered the mudpid which had oreo, caramel, and coffee. The milkshake is nice and thick, just the way I like it.

There are other locations in Haleiwa and Honolulu. I will definitely need to try out the other locations to see if they offer other menu options and to see if the service and food is just as amazing as the Kailua location. I highly recommend going to Kono’s if you are in the Kailua area!!!

Six Things That Will Annoy Your Flight Attendant

There are many things that passengers do that will annoy flight attendants. Here are the top six:

  1. Touch your flight attendant – Please do not touch your flight attendants. It is perfectly okay to use your words if you need to get their attention. There is no need to  poke us (especially our butt).
  2. Snap your fingers at your flight attendant – We are not your servants. Our primary role on the aircraft is your safety. If you need something you can ask nicely or push your flight attendant call button. Snapping your fingers is just rude.
  3. Give your flight attendant unnecessary attitude – We know the seats are tight. We know sometimes the gate agents check carry on bags too early. We know we can’t control the weather. Most of us have no idea about airplane mechanics. Please try to be nice to your flight attendants and keep your attitude in your checked luggage. Yelling at us about something we cannot control will not solve the problem.
  4. Leaving your headphones in during service – If you leave your headphones in and ignore us during the meal or beverage service, don’t get mad when you realized we’ve moved on to other passengers. We can’t wait around all flight for you. Most of us will make a quick attempt to get your attention and then move on if we don’t get a response. We also ask the you remove your headphones or pause your movie when you order so you’re not screaming at us. A normal volume usually works.
  5. Doing yoga in the galley – The galley is our work space. This is where we get our carts set up and prepare meals. We don’t show up and do yoga in your office so please try not to do it in ours.
  6. Ask us to put your bag in the overhead bin – You pack it, you stack it. You bring it, you sling it. You tow it, you stow it. I touch it, I tag it. We are not required to put your bag in the overhead bin. If it is too heavy for you to lift, it is too heavy for us to lift.

Your flight attendants are there to get you safely to your final destination. If you can try to avoid doing these six things, you’re flight crew will be very appreciative.