New York City: New York Yankees

IMG_9507 1I may not be a Yankee fan but I sure do love the sport of baseball. I attended the game against the Oakland Athletics and had a great time. The stadium is absolutely amazing. There is a Yankee museum that displays a variety of Yankee memorabilia. I think the best part of the museum is the ball wall that has autographs from past and present Yankee players including the one and only Babe Ruth!

This new stadiumĀ incorporates some replica design elements from the original Yankee Stadium with some new and fresh elements. One of the replica designs featured in the new stadium is the roof. It features the frieze that was the trademark of the old stadium and what helps to make it so recognizable to baseball fans. A feature of the stadium I really enjoy is the Great Hall. The Great Hall is a concourse with seven-story high ceilings and is lined with banners of famous past and present Yankees.

The game was a lot of fun and I am sure this will not be the last time I will visit Yankee Stadium.

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