Crazy Stories: Cold Sandwich

I always get asked about crazies stories I have experienced and this one might have to be the craziest so far. Here's how it goes..... *I'm walking down the aisle* Passenger 1: Ma’am! Ma’am! Me: Yes? Passenger 1: *Frantically pointing at the gentleman across the aisle* Passenger 2: *Holding a lighter under a foil wrapped … Continue reading Crazy Stories: Cold Sandwich

Crazy Stories: Passenger Or Pilot?

Weather is something that no matter how hard we try, we cannot control. We were flying to New York City but there were high winds that made it impossible to land safely at LaGuardia. We were in a holding pattern (pretty much flying in circles) over Raleigh, North Carolina. Of course planes aren't magic and … Continue reading Crazy Stories: Passenger Or Pilot?